Experience report of two oldies of 70 and 59 years

After 3 years as one of the first at the watsch seminar, I was, of course, very curious to see if I could manage to set a watch alone with the help of a kit and the accompanying instructions. When my neighbor came to know about it, he was equally enthusiastic and wanted to help me with the assembly of the watch. So we – two oldies of 70 and 59 years – set to work with the help of the instruction to assemble the watch. First of all, once again to understand how a clock works was described vividly in the first part of the instructions. Then we went to the work, step by step we have assembled the watch. Each step was described briefly and concisely and with the many pictures very vividly illustrated, so that we except the small things ultimately no difficulties to assemble and to calibrate the watch in the end. One or two inaccuracies, which were still in the description, we immediately reported to the Zeitversteher, so that they were corrected in the meantime.

In summary I can only say that it we had huge fun to assemble the watch and on is certainly a little pride in the end when you see how the clock is showing the time correctly and the hour hammer is hitting the hours sounding. We have slightly exceeded the stated timeframe, which only meant that we had longer fun with the assembly. 🙂

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