The clock kit was relaxation, fascination and joy at the same time

With the purchase of the watch “Horaculix” I have fulfilled a long-cherished wish of mine. As my wife knows my watch passion, she has given me this noble gift.
I was just on holiday, when the clock arrived at home, so this time I was looking forward to the end of the holiday. When I opened the box and while looking at the many small parts I thought, this will not be an easy task. However, after going through the construction manual, I realized that the construction is possible due to the excellent photos and the competent instructions.
With pleasure, I began to turn my desk into a small watchmaker’s workshop. After the preparation of the work, I realized that flair (in the full sense of the word!) is a requirement. For me, the composition of the watch was relaxation, fascination and joy at the same time. Since I only had time in the evening, I often worked till late night.
An error occurred while inserting the anchors, so I had to use the telephony customer support. I especially thank Mr. Neuwirth for the prompt completion of my wishes. I would like to emphasize that the replacement parts were supplied free of charge and unbureaucratically. So I could quickly complete the assembly of the watch.
After a few days of regulation time, I am particularly pleased that my HORACULIX clock is beating synchronously with the Sattler wall clock!
The purchase of this watch is associated to a guarantee of success and is now giving me joy every day. Because of this sense of achievement, I was registered to the clock seminar of Mr. Max Rüttinger in Dresden by my wife (a gift for Father’s Day)! Perhaps a watchmaker will come out of me …
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